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Source: PrisonerAlert, Forum 18 

In January 2017 Pastor Bakhrom’s wife, Gulnora was admitted to hospital after travelling to visit her husband. She suddenly felt ill and was taken to hospital before she was able to see her husband. The doctors diagnosed her with hypertension (high blood pressure) crisis. Her high blood pressure began when her husband was arrested. Gulnora was transferred to a hospital nearer her home, and her daughter cared for her.

Pastor Bakhrom and his wife have two sons, Firdavs (21) and Firus (19), and a daughter, Gulnoza (14). Officials have threatened members of the family and church, telling them to remain silent about the case, the court and the prisoner’s condition.  Local Protestants, who asked not to be named for fear of state reprisals told Forum 18, “His relatives are able to visit him in prison and pass on to him food and clothes”.

Pastor Kholmatov is being held in Yavan Prison in the southern Khatlon Region, about 360 kilometres from Khujand in the northern Sogd Region, where he and his family live. In November 2017 Pastor Kholmatov decided not to appeal his sentence.

Contact Address:

Family Kholmatov

Mikrorajon 32, house nr. 50


Sogdijsk region