Liang Qin | China

In 2017, Liang Qin was sentenced to 10 years in prison on false charges of ‘cult activity’. Liang Qin was accused of being linked to the Three Grades of Servants, an organization Chinese officials view as a dangerous cult. During a 2016 government crackdown on the TGOS in Yunnan province, about 200 Christians were caught up in the raids and arrested, including Ju Dianhong, Zhang Hongyan, Zi Huimei, Yang Shunxiang and Zhang Shaocai, all of whom denied ever being a part of the sect. Despite this, the judge sentenced them to between four and thirteen years imprisonment.

Liang Qin was accused of assisting Ju Dianhong in recruiting members and doing missionary work on behalf of TGOS. The court also said that they found the members in possession of Christian books, such as Pilgrims Progress and Streams in the Desert, which they labelled ‘evil cult materials’.

Liang Qin denied knowing or participating in any activities involving the TGOS organization. Her lawyer said that she “had not violated any laws or regulations, or undermined the law in any way. Her preaching was nothing more than normal Christian activity, wholly unaffiliated with the Three Grades of Servants”. He added that, “the books which the prosecution used as evidence of her cult involvement, can be brought in many bookstores and are published by authorized presses”.

Prison Address:

No. 1 Prison for Women of Yunnan Province
Kunyang Town, Jinning District, Kunming City
Yunnan Province
China 650600

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