Mohammadreza Omidi, Yasser Mossayebzadeh, and Saheb Fadaie  | Iran

Mohammadreza Omidi, Yasser Mossayebzadeh and Saheb Fadaie were arrested on 13 May, 2016 during a series of raids by security agents on Christian homes. On July 6, 2017 Mohammadreza, Yasser and Saheb, along with Yousef Nardarkhani were each sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for propagating house churches, and promoting “Zionist Christianity’. The three men are also facing a sentence of eighty lashes each, for drinking wine during a Communion service.
Yousef and Mohammadreza and were each given an additional sentence of two years internal exile. They have to serve this sentence in the south of Iran, far away from their families in Rasht. The four were given 20 days to appeal their sentences, and although they continued their appeal, they were informed in May 2018 that the sentences had been upheld. Omidi, Mossayebzadeh and Fadaie are still waiting the outcome of their appeal against the sentence of eighty lashes each for drinking wine during a Communion service.

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Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Mr Jalaladin Namini Miyanji, Ambassador
PO Box 14733

Time in prison:

In prison for 1552 days

Charged with:

“promoting Christianity.”

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