Rmah Hlach | Vietnam 

Rmah Hlach, also known as Ama Blut, was born in 1968. He is a Hmong Christian. Rmah was arrested in July 2009, and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment with three years house arrest on release, under Article 87 of the 1999 Penal Code, for ‘undermining the unity policy’. He is due to be released in 2021.

Prison Address:

Rmah Hlach
Ba Sao Prison Camp
Ha Nam
Nam Ha Province

Time in prison:

In prison for 4330 days

Charged with:

‘undermining the unity policy’

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Embassy of Vietnam

Ambassador Nguyen Van Dung 

Level 21, Grand Plimmer Tower

2-6 Gilmer Terrace,

Wellington 6011

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