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Tran Thi Hong | Vietnam

Tran Thi Hong, is the wife of Pastor Chinh, and a member of the civil society organisation Vietnamese Women for Human Rights (VNWHR). She has suffered endless persecution, which she says is becoming ‘intolerable’. On March 30, 2016, local authorities violently prevented Mrs Hong from meeting with then U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom David Saperstein.

Although she eventually was able to meet with the Ambassador, she suffered a brutal beating which left her with injuries to her head, knee, leg, hand, and foot.

This visit was followed by a three-day interrogation during which Mrs Tran Thi Hong was pressured to sign a document stating that her meeting with the Ambassador was illegal and that she was a member of an illegal and subversive church due to her Lutheran faith. After refusing to sign, she was abused for four hours by female officers

Mrs Hong said that she visited Pastor Chinh in Xuan Loc Prison and talked with him via phone for 45 minutes. “He is kept in a cell that is away from others, and given food through a small window two times a day,” Hong said. “He is in poor health, he suffers high blood pressure and has severe sinusitis,” Hong said. “I fear that he is too weak to complete the rest of his sentence.”

Contact Address:

Mrs Tran Thi Hong

Hoa Lu Ward, Pleiku City,

Gia Lai Province,


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