Doing Time for God

By becoming a “Voice” for Persecuted Christians you are entering into the vital and important ministry of “intercession and solidarity” with those who suffer for their faith in Christ Jesus.

As Christian prisoners are “doing time for God”, so you will be spending time, praying, writing and entering into a partnership with the Almighty. You will be “doing time for God”, and sharing His heart and burden for those who suffer because they love Him.

The principles and purposes of this letter-writing ministry mean that you will be endeavouring to protect the rights of prisoners and at the same time, being the voice of the persecuted church. Christian prisoners have the right to be heard; the right to be valued; the right to be defended; and the right to be supported.

The reward for your endeavour will be what many prisoners say. “Whilst doing time for God”, we praise Him that we are not forgotten.” Even in the most horrific conditions and suffering, there can be dignity. This is what you will give to a fellow believer in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why be a Voice?


In more than 40 nations around the world today Christians are being persecuted for their faith. In some of these nations it is illegal to share your faith in Christ, to own a Bible, change your faith, or teach your children about Jesus.

Those who boldly follow Christ—in spite of government edict or radical opposition—can face harassment, arrest, torture and even death. Yet Christians continue to meet for worship and to witness for Christ, and the church in restricted nations is growing.

For those who are arrested, long spells in prison mean separation from family, friends, and fellowship. Simple letters and postcards with Scripture and words of friendship written from supporters in New Zealand and other nations provide a tremendous encouragement to these men and women – at what can be some of the darkest times of their lives.

Writing a letter to prisoners is literally a way to “remember those in chains.” It’s a powerful way to directly encourage the persecuted – and it’s simple to do.

Add to your prayers for the persecuted with a letter of encouragement for a prisoner of faith today. See profiles of prisoners you can write to


You can be a voice for the persecuted by writing to governments and those in authority. By adding your voice calling for human rights to be respected, for freedom, and for better conditions for Christians imprisoned for their faith you can make authorities aware that the global Christian community is concerned.

Write to governments and authorities on behalf of persecuted Christians.

Benefits of Letter-Writing

It can make a real and lasting impact when you write to Christian prisoners:

  • Personal letters are tangible evidence to imprisoned Christians, whether they can read them or not, that they are not forgotten. Communist oppressors and other persecutors try to brainwash Christians into believing that no one knows about them, that they are forgotten and unloved.
  • Letters to prisoners tell the authorities that outsiders are monitoring their activities. Letters may result in better treatment and/or earlier release.
  • Letters are a testimony of the unity and love of the Christian Church worldwide, especially to the authorities who may read them.
  • Letters demonstrate clearly to authorities that Western Christians and their governments are aware of persecution and human rights abuses.

Testimonies from prisoners about receiving letters

During my eight years of imprisonment I received 9,546 letters! They were a tremendous source of encouragement. They gave me new life and hope… Those letters are probably the only earthly treasure which I would like to take to heaven with me…

Yakov Skorniakov

I praise my Saviour for His great love, and I want to thank you, my dear friends. How great is your ministry! How endless your care and love! How precious your prayers and letters! I thank God for hearing the cries of His people all over the world on behalf of each prisoner, orphan and widow…

Anton Nazarevich

“Our family is extremely grateful to each one of you for your prayers and letters with words of encouragement and faith. Your prayers and letters helped us to go through this difficult trial without losing our faith and courage. We believe that ‘your labour is not in vain before the Lord.’ With love in Christ: Yuri, Olga, Anna and Daniel Pak.”

Yuri, Olga, Anna, and Daniel Pak

Excerpt from a poem Zhang Xiuhong wrote during her time in prison

This year, the sound I often heard,
Was the slam of metal doors, sharp and piercing,
This year, the sight I often saw was hopeless eyes,

Was this a tough year for me? Painful? Lonely? Living each day like a year? Absolutely not!
This year, I was never in a dark place while waiting; the sun above the clouds shined upon me and nourished me;
This year, I was never homesick;
This year, I enjoyed the bounty of grace because my trust in the Lord who called me brought me unspeakable glory and joy;
This year, the world drifted farther away from me;
This year, my Lord drew ever closer to me;
This year, I received the fruits of the Lord’s Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control;
This year, I bathed in His love;
This year, my soul broke free from the metal bars of prison and soared in the Kingdom of God;
This year, I lived in hope and divine promises…

Zhang Xiuhong

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