by VOM NZ |

On April 15, 2022 Youcef Nadarkhani was given a week’s furlough, on bail of 300 million tomans, (around $11,500), which was later extended by a further seven days to spend time in Rasht, with his wife Tina and sons Danial and Youeil. This was his first visit home in nearly four years. For years Youcef had declined any opportunity for furlough, until all his fellow Christian prisoners of conscience had themselves received such opportunity.

During his incarceration, Youcef’s two sons were denied education which prompted him to go on a three-week hunger strike. Youcef has also suffered covid symptoms in prison due to an outbreak of covid in the prison. There is no information on whether he continues to suffer fatigue from that, only that he and three other Christian prisoners were affected by it.
Youcef returned to prison on April 29th, 2022.